EP06 – Jordan Carroll

Full-time Sheffield based filmmaker Jordan Carroll joins me on this episode...
He has worked as a DP on a range of short films and commercials, he also self produces a load of content for businesses and sheffield council including mini docs and the like. After finding Jordan's work on LinkedIn several months ago I knew he would be a great asset to the podcast as he has a welath of experience and knowledge to share after around 7 years in business.
He talks about...
- Getting into the filmmaking from an early age and winning a contest!
- How he got his first camera (bit dodgy)
- How to move up and be respected in the industry
- His favourite documentary and projects for the future
- That we're all still trying to work it out
- Much, much more...
I hope anyone listening can take a load from this whether that is motivation or insights into the filmmaking world. Jordan is really knowledgeble and it shows from his experience in the industry so far, he will go on to create amazing things I'm sure.  Go check him out below, till next time, TZ.