Top 4 Businesses on Social Media in Hereford


There are a lot of good social media accounts out there, today we will focus on some tasty ones from businesses in Hereford! We will quickly run through what they do well on certain channels and how you could use that to help your own social media engagement and business success.

1. Beefy Boys

Of course they are number one. How can anyone not love to see juicy cheesy burgers on their news feed. Ever since they opened their flagship store in the Old Market, beefy boys have used video, photo and social media to blow up their following, raving fans and customer base. People naturally share the well thought out and visually appealing videos because they know it is something their friends will relate to on Facebook. The use of competitions to encourage sharing gives them a huge advantage and generates viral organic reach as they hardly have to spend anything on advertising, just on 2 fancy burgers which the prize usually consists of. See their page and videos here: Beefy Boys Facebook

2. Chase Distillery

Luxury vodka has been taking off recently, mainly by the good stuff produced at Chase Distillery. More subtle branding is key for the Chase brand and their social media accounts, where they regularly share quality images of their products in a brand relevant environment such as local food festivals or one of their factory rooms with vintage decor. The main points to take away from their accounts is to use them consistently and always make sure posts and images are aligned with the brand, this includes the language used in the captions as well. See their Instagram page here: Chase Distillery IG

3. Shack Revolution

Shack Revolution have made a name for themselves since growing their social media accounts, with a focus on Instagram and Facebook, their use their profiles to show off their brand exclusive drink offerings and short video clips of behind the scenes. This has accumulated to a total of nearly 15,000 followers over both channels and combine that with their great physical location their can be the go to place for cocktails every weekend in Hereford. See their Instagram page here: Shack Revolution IG

4. Ding Dong Apparel

Hereford most infamous clothing brand, based on the Hereford Strip. This sounds like a great starting place for some naughty content, follow their Facebook and Instagram to see why DDA have become the go to source for Hereford’s nightlife lifestyle and updates. With content ranging from cartoons, to photo and video that relates directly to their young audience, you can see more here: DDA Instagram Page

Who else do you think should make the list?

So there is our top 4, if you have seen any other good ones promoting great content then let us know. Watching other accounts is a great way to get marketing inspiration for your own business or personal brand. Drop your email below for more exclusive tips and see you soon. TZ3



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