Top 5 Videos To Produce For Your Small Business


Well it is 2020, TV ads cost more than life itself, and everyone is sat on their phones while pretending to work... Time to create video content then.

Here are our top 5 videos you can created or have created for your business to use online.

  1. The 'About Us' Video

The about us or 'brand' video should encompass all that you stand for as a brand rather than just what you do on a day to day basis, so you can include history of your business and the values that fuel your brand. This video should hit on your target customers emotional selling points and really show them that your brand is worth doing business with, whether it engages or entertains them, it should portray the true value of your business from all angles.

Ideal length: 1-2 mins.

2. The product/service Video

Do you sell funky dog toys or serve fancy food? Well this video should showcase that to the fullest. As a restaurant you should showcase your kitchen and the food being carefully prepared. If you sell nappies then you should be showing your nappies in use and how they are made of such high quality, using captions in these videos can really help the viewer to get the extra info they need before they make a purchase.

Ideal Length: 2-5 mins.

3. 'Meet the Team' Video

You can really show off the personality you have in your staff team in this type of video. Ask inspiring or funny questions in a casual setting to your employees to bring out the best in them and show your customers that you are more than just a boring business. These videos can bring any business to life, even those service businesses like accounting practices or dentists. Make sure to get full permission of your employees and tell them where it will be used haha.

Ideal length: 4-6 mins.

4. Client/Customer Testimonial

Having a video testimonial on your social media and website can really boost your sales if it is seen by the right people. Humans need social proof to encourage them to part with their cash as it proves that you are a proven commodity. So if you can get in one of your best clients and ask them a few positive questions on camera then you may be on to a winner. Don't forget you will probably have to offer the client an incentive to do this as everyone's time is precious. You can even add on and showcase some of the work you have sdone over the top of the interview clips for extra trust.

Ideal length: 1-3 mins.

5. Funny commercial.

Here is where you should really get creative and everyone involved. Just remember who you target audience is and don't go over the top as it could end in you offending or annoying some potential customers and no one wants that problems. So after you have produced the first edit have a look to make sure it is engaging and it fits with the brand. It may be good to get some outside opinion on it before you release it to the public domain. Have fun.

Ideal length: 10-60 seconds.

I hope you got something out of this list, the main idea with video is to be creative, keep it high quality and just make sure it fits your brand well. You can also add a strong call to action at the end of the video to help convert those viewers that watched the whole thing. Of course boosting your creative asset with adverts is the best way to optimise your return on investment and grow your business exponentially.