Top 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Well here it is, my first blog post on Ding Media, and we will start off with some basic marketing mistakes that many of us make especially if we are just starting out in business and trying to do it all on our own or have a small team.

Are you guilty of any of these 10 mistakes on Facebook?
  1. Not having good page names / URL’s / Information on your page.
  2. Using a personal profile instead of a business page.
  3. Posting poor or average content.
  4. Relying on organic reach.
  5. Not creating video content.
  6. Not having a content plan or schedule.
  7. Promoting offers or products too much.
  8. Ignoring fan comments and engagement.
  9. Posting too often.
  10. Posts that are not aligned with your brand.

Hope you enjoyed our top ten round up of Facebook marketing mistakes, apologies for the lighting in the video, the quality will definitely be better next time around. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for more tips and updates.

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